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Is your child suffering from communication disorder? A communication disorder creates a negative impact on your child’s life that may last through adulthood. It may make their communication very difficult, affect their performance in class, or may result in social isolation.

Some children tried their best to say what they want but their way of speaking is unclear and difficult to understand. This may lead to frustration. This makes the family relationship, play, learning, and social interaction challenging.

Viva Speech Pathology is all about supporting you. As the best speech pathologist Perth, we understand that every child and his family are different. Hence, our main objective is to engage with you to find the solution.

This starts with the assessment about you, level of your ability and disability, and your requirement. It involves an overall picture of your child to assess his strength and the areas of improvement. During the speech therapy session, our highly qualified and experienced team works individually with each child to produce the best results.

As the best speech pathologist Perth, we provide a wide range of services. Our quality services include language, literacy, articulation, stuttering therapy, and much more to help your children to reach their full potential.

We are very flexible in providing speech pathology program for your child. Our activities suit the specific needs of your child. Our speech therapy involves fun and creative activities, which helps your child incorporating speech pathology practice as a daily routine of your life. Our main idea is to educate and empower you with the improved communication skills.

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